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we all know you really just want to read the twitter small print https://suffolkinterest.carrd.co//#twittersmallprint

[@suffolkINTEREST](http://www.twitter.com/suffolkINTEREST) is #**arts** #**jazz** #**wellness** [@suffolkINTEREST](http://www.

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[@suffolkINTEREST](http://www.twitter.com/suffolkINTEREST) is #**arts** #**jazz** #**wellness** [@suffolkINTEREST](http://www.




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@suffolkINTEREST is #arts #jazz #wellness


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Started on 16th October 2020

830pm - 17.10.20

This is a facebook post I made
about @suffolkINTEREST on #Suffolk #wellbeing CIC being well in suffolk.

A frustration for me is the amount of need - the really excellent provision - and the difficulty of getting the two in...

Posted by Alex Price on Saturday, October 17, 2020

This is the record tweet so far - 1300 impressions for a project under a day old...

Smallprint. 5 important areas.
> Embedded websites.
>Some people we link to we have ‘borrowed’ a paragraph.
>Twitter policy.
>Twitter video preview issue
Embedded material.
What you see is a live image of another website – either via twitter, facebook, Instagram, youtube or a java applet of a URL.
The nature of the material here is not a danger - BUT – we have no control – we will do what we can – and wouldn’t have linked to anything we were worried about. This a common technology now.
By the way the applet we use is from https://stackoverflow.com/questions/2117046/how-to-show-live-preview-in-a-small-popup-of-linked-page-on-mouse-over-on-link if your find this question asked by jitendra-vyas answered by anderson-green and edited vaer-k – take a bow – the ability to embed one platform in another IS HUGE and manage live content by loads of users. Email me if you want a charity remembered.
Some people we link to we have ‘borrowed’ a paragraph.
This is a voluntary project to promote arts in Suffolk. If we ‘borrow’ the 1st paragraph it is 1000% more likely to get found by search engines and then click through to your material. If we don’t do this the project is dramatically weakened.
We have no statistics but estimate this will be new traffic to you – if they were looking for you – they would have found you surely?
We are acutely aware that writers need to earn a living. We will link and cite in quotes as is all we understand of netiquete.
Ultimatley it’s a big very web and if its unwelcome let us know and we will push off and not link to you in future no rudeness intended.
99% of the material here we will have found through google, twitter or facebook by the way.
Twitter policy.
This shouldn’t be a controversial project BUT
>our views are our own
>retweets are not an endorsement.
And if it goes off in the comments on something while we are out or asleep – that’s the net.
We don't want to 'out' ourselves but though wording will be remixed and reordered from time to time for impact and twitter purposes and magic done with tags 99% of what you see here is 2nd hand material we are sharing to assist our audience find the information and help the creators who have put it up - as volunteers who want to promote arts in Suffolk.
We are as careful as we can - but ultimately we are presenting info in good faith and you need to see the original poster and the platform they are on if there is a problem - but do get in touch with us if you think an error has been made by us in what we have chosen to share.
Retweets, quote tweets and linking to a tweet where there is media in the tweet.
There is a dull technical problem that sometimes if you do this the text only and not the media comes out massively reducing the impact of a tweet and the point of actually bothering to do so.
So you have to copy some of it into a new tweet. So at times it looks like people have 'borrowed' others words - we are NOT seeking to do this - on twitter plagiarizing others content is an issue - that's NOT our intention. This is actually a pain - we don't like doing it - it wastes time - and if anyone can solve it technically or educate us how to avoid this being necessary it would be VERY helpful.
We will always try to linkback to where we got stuff - and hope we do. Sometimes you'll see 'Original tweet' or 'Based on a tweet by' as a reply by us to our original tweet - or a 'via' followed by the tag in the tweet.
We won’t do this more than once a month or so. Hope that is OK. We are not trying to do this to be annoying. This all to promote arts and events in Suffolk. The exception to this will be the 2 newspapers and Andrew Clarke – as that’s where the good stuff comes from.
Video preview. Twitter loves video content.
There is a dull problem with interoperability of content between platforms and achieving a preview clip that will be of interest to the audience. So we have to rip, edit and then upload. If we don't do this the display of the preview clip seen by the audience is so rubbish its a complete waste of time.
This is actually a pain - we have had to spend time doing this - and have had to download software, and learn how to do this - we don't like doing it - it wastes a lot of time - and if anyone can solve this technically or educate us how to avoid having to do this being necessary it would be VERY helpful.
We will always try to linkback to where we got stuff - and hope we do.
Here is an example of the problem.
Here is an example of the solution we have had to find.
Mini annecdote - when we posted this as a simple early morning test to see if it had finally worked - and that we had finally worked out how to do it at 25th attempt - with the plan to delete it soon afterwards - when we came back only a few minutes later we were unable to so as it had already been commented on, retweeted and got audience engagement - at least 100x what the first post would have. That’s how compelling the audience finds it.
Here a technical problem is FORCING users into a very gentle soft form of micro piracy – and platforms and rights holders are losing control - just to be able to share the content the provider has put out there and send people to go and look at it. There must be some way of platforms allowing you to post a link to a network embed stream and achieving an automatic preview - and if the viewer likes it clicks through to wherever the content has come from - and going to the provider/copyright holder and the platform it started off on.
Any clever developer that can sort this out for the world can have that idea for free.